Corporate clients

With a previous background in corporate finance, I understand the pressures of a corporate environment and how it may impact on sleep quality.

Stress is linked to poor sleep but equally poor sleep contibutes to stress. Memory, concentration and alertness are some of the areas affected by poor sleep together with reduced employee wellbeing. Sleep problems are associated with decreased productivity at work, increased absenteeism and a greater risk of having a work-related accident.

For corporate clients I offer psyco-educational group sessions about the importance of sleep for health and performance, how to develop healthy sleep routines and manage sleep during challenging work schedules. I also deliver one-to-one sessions based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-i) to employees requiring more in-depth work.

For more information email or call 07881 651091.

Feedback from previous corporate wellbeing sessions

“Christabel, an expert on sleep, spoke to us about myth’s attributed to sleep.  Christabel’s delivery was extremely professional and engaging.”

“Very interesting and informative; dispelling popular myths and providing fact based information.”

“It was a useful hour, which has helped me personally put into perspective the importance of quality sleep rather than the quantity of sleep, and helped me answer a key question, as to “why does my 17 year old happily lies in bed until 1pm?”